Our people are our most valued asset.
More than the facilities and infrastructures we build, our people and their contribution to society is our pride and legacy. More than business gain, our people’s safety, health and security is our topmost priority. We foster a company culture and create a work environment that ensures the welfare and well-being of our employees. We work with the best in the industry and we design people development programs that encourage, motivate and guarantee their continued development, career and personal advancement, and ultimately, a well-balanced quality of life.

We work with passion.
MIESCOR United employees are people of a common pursuit – every provided service, every finished product, every client interaction is a result of the zealous passion to create something of significant and sustainable value, aiming to provide delight and satisfaction in meeting client requirements and guaranteeing expectations. Our work is not merely a business endeavor, we take pride in how our people’s talent, skills, expertise and work experiences contribute to the improvement of society at the local and international level.

We work with integrity.
Guided by the MIESCOR United core values, our work principles has now become a way of life. We, at MIESCOR United, are duty bound to behave with all honesty – responsible for our actions and accountable for our decisions. We are transparent with our strengths and limitations. We continue to grow and develop by collaborating and learning from our partners, clients, suppliers and other entities.
From the delivery of our services to every finished output, we guarantee the exceptional way we do things, producing work that is based on agreed requirements and expectations, carrying out our assigned duties to the best of our ability, with a work discipline that continuously improves our business processes, to the satisfaction and delight of our customers and all our stakeholders.

We champion environmental excellence.
It is MIESCOR United’s advocacy to help protect and preserve the environment with the use of new, sustainable products and technologies. We vow to integrate environmental concerns and impacts in all our decisions and activities, working with environment-conscious customers and environment-friendly suppliers. We make use of sustainable practices that allow us to reduce, re-use and recycle, in order to significantly reduce environment and spending wastes.

We are good corporate and global citizens.
We strive to be upright corporate citizens by complying with company policies, procedures and regulations, most especially pertaining to health, safety, security and environmental excellence. MIESCOR United conducts business honorably when dealing with customers and suppliers, providing transparency and equal opportunity to all. Recognizing cultural diversity, the people of MIESCOR United conduct themselves and their work with full respect for race, gender and religious belief.