Management System
MIESCOR Management’s overall vision is long-term business sustainability through continuous profitability and growth in shareholder value. To achieve this vision, it adopts the strategy of an integrated management system that incorporates all key aspects of the corporate organization: its structure, culture, systems, processes, work environment, facilities, and resources.

Risk-based Management
The approach to deploying the integrated management system is aimed at minimizing the adverse financial effects of pure risk exposure of operational activities. Its primary target is managing safety/loss control, both to prevent undesired events from occurring and to minimize the loss if they occur. This can be done by controlling potential sources of hazards such as organizational inputs, processes, and outputs that may impact service quality, accidental and intentional losses, as well as environmental liability.

Occupational Health and Safety
MIESCOR is committed to protecting the health and safety of its employees, customers, and the public in all its locations. Management encourages all employees at all levels to be health and safety conscious all the time.
All employees are expected to work safely in accordance with the company’s safety standards and applicable legal regulations. All Project Heads, Superintendents, Field supervisors and engineers are in charge of safety at project site, the safe operation of processes, and the provision of the necessary resources. They are responsible for identifying potential hazards at an early stage and for limiting them to an acceptable level.

Environmental Protection
It is the company’s responsibility to take an active role in helping protect the environment whenever and wherever it operates. The company takes into account possible effects, not only on people’s health and safety, but also on the environment when planning or executing new projects, or working on existing ones. In developing new or existing designs, it takes into consideration the ecological and economic requirements and options to preserve natural resources on a sustained basis and further reduce emissions and waste.

Customer satisfaction and delight is the permanent objective of the company. Management endeavors to promote continual improvement in the quality of its services to ensure business continuity and progress. To enhance the overall experience of our customers, we learn from our mistakes and commit to continually improve our efficiency, on-time delivery, and cost-effectiveness of our services.