Mission, Vision and Values
Composed of the mother company, MIESCOR, and its two subsidiaries, Miescor Builders Inc. (MBI) and Miescor Logistics Inc. (MLI), MIESCOR United are 3 distinct companies, of different natures, strengths and capabilities, unified and bound by a common mission, vision and set of core values.

Classified by the Philippine Contractor Accreditation Board in the “AAA” category, MIESCOR United is a globally-recognized Filipino contractor with more than forty years experience in general engineering, consulting, construction, operations and maintenance specializing in electrical and mechanical facilities and infrastructure such as power transmissions, distribution systems and networks including development works, electro-mechanical and testing commissioning of substation equipmment. While MIESCOR does the engineering, consulting and designing, MBI does the building, construction and maintenance, while MLI provides general services for operations.

As MIESCOR and its subsidiaries continue to grow and find strength with its own self, the three companies complement and supplement the other, synergizing to further fortify Miescor United, building integrity and credibility as one.

MISSION. Our profession and advocacy…our trade and business…
We design, build, manage and maintain sustainable facilities and infrastructure.        

VISION. We aspire and visualize our company to be…
We are a global Filipino engineering, procurement, construction, operations, and maintenance company providing exceptional value in the utilities and energy sectors.

VALUES. We are guided by these primary values and ethical standards in the development of a MIESCOR culture, in the performance of our mission and the attainment of our vision…
  • Commit to Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Excellence
  • Maintain integrity
  • Practice collaboration and innovation
  • Strive to be good global citizens