Market Segments
MIESCOR has a solid track record of growth in the power construction and management industry, with over 40 years of experience in areas including power generation, transmission and distribution, petrochemical/chemical and industrial plants, water resources, transportation & telecommunication systems, and building services.
Electric Power Generation
For almost three decades from the early part of 1970 to 1994, MIESCOR handled the engineering, construction and management, testing,...
Electric Power Transmission and Distribution
MIESCOR undertakes engineering, procurement, construction, testing and commissioning, operations and maintenance of various electric power transmission and distribution facilities ranging...
Distribution Utility Operational Services
Miescor Builders, Inc. is now the largest contractor of MERALCO, serving its whole franchise area. The company is the Meralco’s...
Oil and Gas and Industrial Plants
MIESCOR provided design development, detailed engineering, and construction supervision services for DuPont Singapore Adipic Acid Project; detailed engineering and project...
Water Supply and Waste Water Treatment
includes the construction and rehabilitation of major pumping stations,
structural analysis and detailed engineering of towers and their foundations
Rail Transportation
MIESCOR has participated in light rail projects, focusing on electrical and mechanical aspects of light rail projects
Building Systems
Miescor Builders, Inc. is providing its clients with excellent services in General Construction that consist of Site Development, Building Construction,...
Technical Services
Miescor Builders, Inc. is wide and intensive company and capable of performing the Electro-mechanical works for substation facilities (Conventional Substation...
Facility Management
Facility Management is backed by proven technical experts and extensive experience.
Logistics Operations
For the past 13 years, Miescor Logistics, Inc. has been established to be the Warehousing, Facility and Fleet Management provider...